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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heathy eating!

As you may have noticed, most (if not all) of my recipes are somewhat healthy. For example, I prefer grilled versus fried food and also don't like full-fat sauces and dips. My palate enjoys light and refreshing flavors opposed to fatty and rich ones. The main reason for this post was because I absolutely loved my lunch this afternoon and wanted to post about it! Obsessed? No, just amazed!

Rewind just a tad- Michael and I went to Las Vegas for 10 days with a couple of our friends. Needless to say, eating wasn't the healthiest, but that was expected. On October 21, 2012, the group went to the Grand Canyon where Michael proposed!!! (It's a beautiful ring, by the way!) All the thoughts of planning a wedding came shortly after the excitement of becoming engaged! One of the first things that comes to mind is the dress. All women want to look their best on their wedding day, so I have been working to mold my diet towards some healthy weight loss.

My daily budget for calories is 1,453 calories. I've decided to start posting semi-regularly about the foods I'm eating and hope it helps some of you! Most people think "diet=bland". Well, not so! I like flavor just as much as the next person but I look for ways to bend to get flavor without fat and calories. As I said previously, today's lunch in particular was what amazed me!

I had a grilled cheese sandwich and soup. (I even had a little butter in it.) It doesn't sound like an impressive lunch, but the calorie content was VERY impressive: 310!!!! That's it! 310 calories and I was STUFFED! How did I do it? Well...

Low fat/low calorie grilled cheese
Yields: 1 serving
2 slices of wheat bread (120 cal.)
2 slices of fat-free american cheese (50 cal.)
1 tsp. of butter spread (20 cal.)

First, toast the slices of bread in the toaster to increase the crunchiness. Heat the spread in a small skillet and place one piece of bread along with the cheese slices. Allow the bread to crisp a little and the cheese to melt a bit. Then, add the top piece of bread and flip the sandwich over to crisp. That's it!

In total, my sandwich had 190 calories and 3.3g of fat! Also, I had a can of Campbell's Harvest Select Vegetable and Pasta Light. No fat, and only 120 calories for the entire can!

A very satisfying lunch, with ZERO guilt!

Enjoy healthy eating!

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